A aa exclusive interview with fan

we have brought you a simple interview of A aa movie with a fan.

1.How did you feel when the title is “A Aa” ?

->I just like that and it was something fresh and good.

2.Tell about Trivikram

->Trivikram is probably only person until now in the world who writes that many dialogues in a very interesting way.I don’t think anyone in the world can write like him.I am expecting his mark again in A aa.

3.How are the promos until now ?

-> The promos are not that great and at same time,songs also not that good when we heard first time but slowly started liking them.

4.what are your expectations on the film?

-> i am only expect trivikram mark in the movie.

5.What do you think about movie’s stamina at Box office ?

-> i think the movie will be a hit.

So,that is how this simple interview of A aa was done with a fan.


Anyway,it was still 4 days to go for movie’s release.let us wait and see how A aa performs at Box office.

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