Akhil’s Suggestion for staying Healthy

Akhil has suggested the audience to stay Healthy by picking up a sport and play it’s often as Playing sports have helped in staying fit.He shared this message on the occasion of World Health Day.It was really a very good suggestion by Akhil,as playing sports will really help in Staying fit.So,hope his suggestion will be followed by the people and they stay healthy.

Coming to films,Akhil has debuted with his film “Akhil” where it was not received well by the audience and it did not perform well at Box office.It was so long since his first film released but yet he not started his second project,he is taking the time to make the second project a Good one.It was also known that Vamshi Paidipally is under discussion for the Akhil’s next film who recently scored a Blockbuster hit with “Oopiri” movie.Currently,the stories are in discussion with him and soon we are going to know more about the details of the project.

Hope Akhil, this time, won’t disappoint the audience and he comes up with a Good Project.Let us wait and see.

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