Allari Naresh new movie is titled as “Selfie Raja”

Allari Naresh is coming up with his new film titled as “Selfie Raja”.Allari Naresh shared his Pic with Vijay Mallya which has created wonders and gone viral .when he shared the pic first time, nobody understood why Allari Naresh shared this and then slowly it was revealed that the pic is all about to promote his new movie “Selfie Raja”.

you can watch the pic below

allari naresh selfie Raja

Thus, Allari Naresh gained free publicity with this pic.The more details about the movie will be revealed soon.

Currently, Allari Naresh is unable to score successful hits at Box office.Once upon a time, Allari Naresh’s films used to be a minimum Guarantee film at Box office but slowly his films are not getting appreciations from the audience and even his last film “Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu” did not do well at Box office.So, it is time for Allari Naresh to prove himself with his comedy in this movie “Selfie Raja”.So let us wait and see how far  Allari Naresh can get appreciations from the audience with his upcoming movie Selfie Raja.

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