Allu Arjun Big slap for critics for second time

Allu Arjun has slapped the critics again with his film “Sarrainodu”.Earlier he slapped with “SonofSatyamurthy”.The critics(except few) have said that both “SonofSatyamurthy” and “Sarrainodu” are flops and they write about a movie without any taking care about how much effort and hardwork was put into a film.

coming to sonofsatyamurthy,the movie was a decent film from Trivikram but the so called critics(except few) said that the movie was a flop but it collected 50crores and slapped those critics and for “sarrainodu” as well,they written movie was a flop but it went on collecting 68 crores at box office and slapped again.

so,finally its not only for Allu Arjun’s films but for others as well,the critics should write a review with responsibility but not only to throw mud on the film by picking only bad elements from the movie.

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