Baahubali received yet another Award

“Baahubali” movie which released last year has created a sensation all over India.It even became the Trending topic yet again when it received Best Feature Film Award at 63rd National Awards.The movie has now received another Award which is FICCI BAF Award for VFX in a Motion Picture which is yet another great achievement by “Baahubali” movie.VFX team has done an excellent job in the movie by providing a visual wonder graphics for the movie which is one of the main reasons for the success of “Baahubali”.Hence,it was a well-deserved award for the VFX team.

It was a good thing to know “Baahubali” getting continuous appreciations in the form of Awards.S.S.Rajamouli has directed the film who is the main person responsible for making the film which is today creating many records and sensations.The movie collected 300+ crores worldwide share in ist Theatrical run worldwide which is the Highest among the Telugu Cinema.

Currently,”Baahubali” part 2 was in making which is also one of the most awaited films.The Business of part2 of Baahubali will also double as per the current craze on the movie.

Finally,we need to wait and see how many Awards it will receive in future.

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