Anchor Ravi Sankranthi interview with cinedabba

Hello everyone, Today we have brought to a nice interview with Anchor Ravi who is becoming Hero Ravi in 2016.The more interesting answers are below.

1. Hi sir, how are you?
->Hey guys, I am doing super!!

2. first of all, a very happy Sankranthi to you?

->A very happy Sankranthi to the whole amazing team of Cinedabba!! you guys are doing great and wishing you a great year 2016.

3. when you hear the word Sankranthi what comes into your mind first?

->Well, Sankranthi for me is a family get together.all men on the terrace flying kites and all women in the house cooking and doing masthi.

4. how do you celebrate Sankranthi in your childhood?

->Sankranthi was always special in my childhood, holiday feel was the first excitement.parents use to wake me and my sister early morning and we get ready to do puja for at least 30minutes. After then I will have breakfast and I use to go to my friends place to fly kites.

5. do you like to fly kites during Sankranthi?

->I love flying kites in fact and my inspiration behind flying kites is my dad. you celebrate Sankranthi now?

->Sankranthi celebrations now have become more mature i.e sitting at home and spending time with family, just fly kites for 1hr or so and then sit with friends for some fun.

7.what special food item you like during Sankranthi ?

->I love all pindi vantalu, especially I like my mom ‘s gulab jamun which is my favourite.

8. what are your upcoming shows?

->Upcoming shows are in progress but planning to get into movies this year 2016 with all your best wishes.

9. what movies you want to watch this Sankranthi?

->I’m eagerly waiting to watch Soggade Chinni Naayana this Sankranthi and, of course, Naannaku Prematho too.

10. what is the most awaited movie for you this year?

->The most awaited movies this year for me would be Rajini sir’s Kobali & Pawan sir’s Sardaar.

11.Finally, what would you say to the audience?

-> Finally I wish all the audience a very happy Sankranthi and a very successful year ahead to them.

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So finally, we wish Anchor ravi a successful year ahead for him and hope he continues to entertain the audiences with his films too.

We hope everyone enjoyed reading this interview and knowing things about Anchor Ravi.

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