Kshanam collections updates

Kshanam movie which released yesterday is receiving good applause from the audience and became a trending topic now.

The First-day collections of Kshanam movie are ok.

Kshanam First day collections

Ap/nizam – 26.5 lakhs (approx)

Overseas – 15 lakhs (approx)

Total – 41.5 Lakhs (approx)

The movie collections are good if we consider the budget and release of the movie in less number of theatres but as the talk of the movie was superb, the movie collections will start picking up from today as it is going to be another hit film at Box office soon for the talk it has received.


Movie collections updates (until now)

Ap/nizam – 1.1 crore (approx )

overseas – 30 lakhs (approx)

Total – 1.4 crores


The movie collected around 1.4 crores until now which is a decent income.The movie promotions have picked up and so it can still do well for the talk it received but anyway, the new releases of the movies today might affect the movie a little at the box office but still the movie has a long way to go and it can easily cross 3+ crores in its final run.



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