Naga Shourya KalayanaVaibhogame 1st day collections

KalyanaVaibhogame movie starring Naga Shourya, Malavika Nair was Directed by Nandini Reddy.The movie was released yesterday and it received the good talk from the audience and collected well on the 1st day.

KalyanaVaibhogame 1st day share

Ap/nizam – 40 lakhs (approx)

overseas – 5 lakhs (approx)

Total – 45 lakhs (approx)

The movie collected around 45 lakhs at an end of its first-day release which is a pretty decent income for this film.As the movie talk was good, it can still do well in the weekend and coming days.

Naga Shourya was unable to score a good hit since so many releases but this time, he has scored a decent hit with KalyanaVaibhogame movie.Finally, the team of kalyanaVaibhogame has succeeded in delivered a good film for an audience which is receiving good applause from the audience as well.

We need to wait and see how will the movie perform in coming days.



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