Pellichoopulu mints 1million collections finally ( just $4k away)

Pellichoopulu movie starring Vijay Devarakonda, Ritu varma was directed by Tharun Bhascker. The film now touched $996000 at USA Box office which means $4 k away from touching 1million. It will definitely reach it by tomorrow, then Pellichoopulu is the first low budget film to cross 1million at USA Box office.


Even the film raked good profits at local box office by collecting 8.7 crores at Ap/Tg (approx). Thus, making total collections close to 12 crores including overseas share amount. For a film made under budget of 70lakhs, it raked 12 crores which means almost 16 times return of investment but including landing cost, the film cosed 1.2 crore and if we consider this then 10 times return of investment. What a great achievement, pellichoopulu will mint 2 to 3 crores more in its finl run as there is no other big releases until janatha garage movie.

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