Sardaar Gabbar Singh touched 10 crores in Nizam

“Sardaar Gabbar Singh” movie which released a few days ago has a superb start at Box office but later due to Bad Talk from the audience,the collections were dropped from day 2 onwards but still the movie manages to recover the amount to some extent.

The movie collected 10 crores in its 6 days run at Box office in Nizam,the movie was sold for 21 crores to Indra films.It managed to collect 10 crores in 6days,as the movie’s talk is Bad and also with release of new two films this week,the movie’s run would be limited at Box office.The distributors needs to face the loss but currently,we cannot say how much they are going to lose as the movie was still running at Box office.

Pawan Kalyan disappointed the audience this time with “Sardaar Gabbar Singh”,as the movie is having “Gabbar Singh” Brand,people have expected yet another “Gabbar Singh” kind of film in the form of “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” but the film was no way near to “Gabbar Singh” which disappointed the audience.Anyway,his next two films directors were confirmed,one is S.J.Surya and other is Trivikram Srinivas.Hope he comes backs with those films.

Meanwhile,let us wait and see how much “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” collects in ist final run.

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