sarrainodu nizam area collections

Sarrainodu nizam area collections are too good.It was already known that Bunny is the only hero to score 6 films with 10 crores in Nizam area.

sarrainodu nizam area collections
Day1- 3.18C
Day2- 1.98C
Day3- 1.94C
Day4- 1.35C
Day5- 1.20C
Day6- 0.90C
Day7- 0.79C

Total is 11.34C

Thus,the movie collected 11.34 crores in its first week.It was really a very good amount if we consider the talk of the film,luckily Sarrainodu is going to be a hit at Box office despite the talk of the film.It was even doing well in other areas also.

Finally,let us wait and see how it performs in its coming days at Box office.

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