“Dheewara” song tribute to Baahubali by Anju Joseph

“Baahubali” movie which released last year has created many records and increased the market of Telugu cinema.Currently,the second part of the movie was undershooting.

We have seen earlier that Smita has given a Tribute to Baahubali team with her “Baha kilikki” song which received an Extraordinary response with almost 1 Million views for that Song on youtube.Now,again Anju Joseph has tributed “Dheewara A Cappella Cover” song to the Baahubali team which even receiving a Good response from the audience.

Coming to this song,It has Good visuals which make the song look Rich and was a Good song indeed.As this song was released 4 days ago, it did not have a Good exposure but today it was recognised by Baahubali Team and shared that song which will definitely help in getting this song reached to a wider audience.

Finally,it was really nice to see Tribute songs for Baahubali Team and they really deserve them because they have created many records and helped for the expansion of Telugu cinema Market.

check out the song below.


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