Director spent sleepless nights when someone leaked a video

Sai Rajesh who is popularly known as Steven Shankar with the film “Hrudayakaleyam” has shared that he was worried and spent the sleepless night when someone leaked Sampoornesh Babu video from Mahatma Movie during the shoot of “Hrudayakaleyam” movie.The reason behind his worry is that he projected him as a Nri guy and hence worried.

He has done an excellent job with his creative ideas and used social media to get much-needed promotions for his debut movie “Hrudayakaleyam”.Finally,he is happy now as the movie was a successful one and people appreciated it but it was very common to get depressed when someone leaks the information which we don’t want to know for the public.

Now,both of them are working again for “Kobbari Matta” movie which even creating sensations with its unique promotions until now.The movie is expected to release soon in the theaters and everyone are eagerly waiting for this Hit combination to see what magics they will create in “Kobbari Matta” movie.

So,let us wait and see.

Meanwhile,check the video of Sampoornesh babu in “Mahatma” movie

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