Heavy drop in collections on 2nd day for Sardaar Gabbar Singh

“Sardaar Gabbar Singh” opened up with the superb start at Box office by collecting 31.3 crores worldwide share on first day of its release.The movie has a Big drop in its collections compared to the first day,it just collected around 8crores in its 2nd day at Box office which is pretty low amount after collecting 31.3 crores on the first day.It all happened due to the Bad Talk for the film.The movie should do well at Box office as the Worldwide Theatrical rights were sold for 90 crores for this film but after seeing the current situation of the movie on day 2,it seems like the movie is going to collect around 60 crores in its full run.

The movie created many records on its opening day at Box office but it fails to sustain the same flow at Box office from day 2 onwards.As today was a Holiday,the movie can do well but the actual status of the film can be known from tomorrow onwards.If it fails to do well from tomorrow onwards,it will remain as a Box office failure movie.

The movie has come up with heavy expectations but as there is nothing new in the film,it received a Bad talk from day 1 onwards which is affecting its box office run.

Anyway,let us wait and see how much it can collect in its further run.

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