Jani Master Tributes to Ramcharan with Mega Power Star Birthday Song

Jani Master who is a famous choreographer in Telugu has now tributed a song to Ramcharan which is titled as “Mega Power Star Birthday Song”.Jani Master earlier revealed that how Ramcharan has helped him in his personal life and now in order to show his love towards Ramcharan,he has come up with this song.

Coming to the song,it was a nice tribute song to Ramcharan where the song was receiving a very Good response from the audience.The music of the song was good and even the lyrics will attract the audience,Jani Master has sung the song well.Finally,it was a nice tribute to Ramcharan from Jani Master.you can listen to the song below.



The music of the song was composed by Vijay Gorthi.The lyrics were written by Ram-Laxman where Rap part of the song was sung by sweekar.

Currently,Ramcharan is working for “Dhruva” movie which is a remake of “Thani Oruvan” Tamil film.The movie was directed by Surrender reddy.

Meanwhile,we need to wait and see how much response this song   will receive from an audience in coming days.


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