Kabali Intro scene leaked

Kabali movie is facing leak issues.These days as technology grows,it was almost impossible for stopping the leak videos from spreading online.The same happened to kabali Intro scene,a full introduction shot of kabali was leaked online and available in social media.


coming to leaked video,the introduction shot is simply superb intro which you definitely gonna enjoy more on Big screen.It will be curious for fans and movie lovers to watch the movie as soon as possible and hence they show interest in leaked ones as well but still its better to stop these kind of things to be promoted.If producer and distributors make profit with the film then there is no issue about these leaks or piracies but only when movie talk was bad then those will have a huge impact.

So,we request you to watch in Theaters only Kabali because seeing Kabali on Big screen will give you more happiness than watching in pirated or leaked version.Meanwhile,the craze is on peaks for kabali now,lets wait and see what happens in a few more hours.

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