Kalyana Vaibhogame completed 25days run at Box office

“Kalyana Vaibhogame” movie starring Naga Shourya was directed by Nandini Reddy.The movie has now completed 25dasy Run at Box office which is a Good achievement because these days if the movie is Bad,the maximum span of it is 7days only but this movie received Good Applause from the audience and now completed 25days run at Box office and it is still running successfully.

Director Nandini Reddy is facing with series of flops and also Actor Naga Shourya is facing the same but Both of them proved themselves with this film and are back to form.The movie collected nearly 6 crores at Box office which is a decent amount for this small film.It even collected $300k collections in overseas Box office which are a great thing as small films won’t have good scope to perform at the overseas Box office,this film manages to collect around $300k totally until now.

The music of the film was composed by Kalyan Koduri where his music has played a key role in the success of the movie.Thus,this film proved that if we make a Good commercial family entertainer then definitely it will receive audience applause and also performs well at Box Office.

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