Kona venkat new film first look on March 30th

Kona Venkat is one of the popular writers in Tollywood who turned into producer with films like “Geethanjali” and “Sankarabaranam” movie.He is coming up with his new movie which is directed by Vijay,the first look will be revealed on March 30th.It was said that the movie is of genre Horror Comedy and it will set a new trend which will be followed by many in future.After “Geethanjali” movie,Kona Venkat is expecting a Good Hit with this film.

His film “Geethanjali” did well at Box office and remained as Hit film but his next film “Sankarabaranam” was a Box office failure and now he is coming up with this movie, we need to wait and see how will be the first look from the movie.We won’t have any idea unless we see some promos about the movie,will the movie really live up to the words or not ? can be known in a few more days.

Horror comedies are having a Good market in Telugu cinema since few years but the problem is that all are repeating the same formula in Horror Comedy which is major drawback of the Horror Comedy movies but if anyone comes up with a new way of Horror Comedy then its definitely have maximum chances to score well at Box office.So,let us wait and see whether this film will be one of them or not? in a few more days.

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