Konavenkat new movie details

KonaVenkat who is a popular writer has turned as a producer with Geethanjali and sankarabaranam. Now he announces his third production film where he will be writing dialogues for this film.

you can check below the Kona Venkat statement which is as follows
“Happy to announce the next project (Production no 3) of our MVV cinema with Prabhudeva, Tamanna, Sonu Sood, Saptagiri etc.. being directed by a very talented L Vijay. We have associated with “Blue circle corporation” which is started by Shiva Turlapati, to produce this film. I’m extremely confident about the story which is written by the director himself. I’m also honored to present this film and write dialogues. If u have liked our “Geethanjali” movie ur going to like this movie 10 times more. The title and other details will be announced soon. Thank u all for ur continuous support.”

So thus, Kona Venkat is ready with his 3rd film as a producer where Geethanjali has received a good response but his second film Sankrabaranam did not do well.Hence, this movie is an important one for him to prove well.

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