Kshanam movie review – Good Intense Suspense Thriller

Kshanam movie review 

Starring: Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma, Anasuya

Directed by Ravikanth Perepu

Camera by Shaneil Deo

Music by Sricharan Pakala

Produced by Param V Potluri And Kavin Anne

Budget: 1 crore( for movie making)


Story: – The Story is all about the missing girl, is the girl really there ? or not and lot more.


Highlights : –

– > Adivi Sesh performance and Story

-> Adah Sharma glamor and performance

-> Anasuya performance

->Vennela Kishore performance

-> Satyam Rajesh


->Camera work

->Direction and screenplay.


Don’t Think that it was an exaggeration to write that many in highlights and also it was the 2nd time we are writing this many highlights after Kanche film.


Analysis: – Adivi Sesh has come up with a good story and he has excellently shown it in an interesting way.He even performance well in his role.

Adah Sharma has done a good job with her performance and glamor

Anasuya has a surprising role in this movie and she did the role very good.

Vennela Kishore who used to be seen as a comedian has changed his genre but yet he did well with his character.

Satyam Rajesh is the Highlight and most liked the part of the film i.e his dialogues and performance was ultimate and one can’t stop talking about him once after seen the film.

The production values are good and you might be surprised that the movie was made within 1 crore budget where production quality was so fine till the end.

Music of the film  Sricharan Pakala is one of the key points of the film which has elevated the scenes.

Camera by Shaneil Deo is also one of the best parts of the film when we consider the budget of the film

Finally, Director Ravikanth Perepu has done an excellent job with his screenplay and made the film an engaging one till the end.

Final word: Kshanam is a Good Intense Suspense Thriller where there will be several twists and turns which make the film worth a watch till the end.

Rating – 3.5/5

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