Kshanam releasing in Kochi

Kshanam movie Starring Adivi Sesh which released few days ago has created many wonders and received huge appreciation from the audience.The movie has shown a fantastic screenplay and made it engaging till the end which is highly appreciated and at the same time it was a great thing to make the movie in 1crore.

The movie is receiving so many appreciations from many and it was now releasing in Kochi on March 18th.

kshanam movie kochi release

we need to wait and see how the movie performs in Kochi.It has performed very well here with almost 2 crores collecting here but the surprising thing is the movie’s Box office performance was not so good based on the talk it received i.e it need to do more collections but, unfortunately, there are not many audiences who have appreciated the movie.

Anyway, the audience also needs to watch that kind of films when released and make the successful at Box office then only we can expect this kind of movies to come in future.

Finally, let us wait and see how the movie will perform in Kochi.

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