Media played a Key role in success of Baahubali

“Baahubali” movie which released last year has created a sensation by collecting 300+ crores worldwide share and also it helped for the expansion of Telugu Cinema Business.The main reasons behind the success of “Baahubali” is the Media because Media has covered about “Baahubali” movie for every news from the movie,they have lifted the film to another level by covering “Baahubali” movie news and hence the Producers have thanked Media for their support in the form of Press Release which is as follows

“We, at Arka Mediaworks , would like to express our deep gratitude for your excellent coverage of our film, Baahubali. The positive coverage and exposure you gave our film over the last two years provided movie lovers with a wonderful introduction to our vision and dream.

The entire team appreciates the professionalism with which you and your team handled the minor issues along the way, without giving into yellow page journalism. You stood by our film when it mattered and helped in taking our film to the masses.

Furthermore, your coverage of Baahubali winning the National award has been extremely positive and it has helped to maintain the positive momentum you were so instrumental in creating.

We look forward to enriching our relationship with you as we head into the second part of Rajamouli’s magnum opus. There is more to come from us and we hope you continue to extend your support like you always have.

– Team Arka Mediaworks, Producers ”

So,thus, Producers thanked Media for their Support.At the same time,Media also writes about Trending Topics only as “Baahubali” having Good craze Media also utilised it to some extent and hence,finally both of them are Mutually benefited but still coverage in Media has helped “Baahubali” in many ways.

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