Naaku Inko Perundi‬ Motion poster released

“Naaku Inko Perundi” Starring G.V. Prakash Kumar, Ananthi was Produced by Lyca Productions and Directed by Sam Anton.Samantha has launched the Motion poster of “Naaku Inko Perundi” movie a few hours ago.

Coming to the teaser, it was just an Interesting teaser where it starts with Conversation from Basha movie and at the end of the Conversation the title of the film was rolled and this has attracted the attention of the audience now and it is getting a positive response from all viewers until the teaser below.


Even though G.v.Prakash Kumar was new to Telugu audience, he can definitely get a Good Following if this movie was successful in getting applause from the audience.The Graphic Work which was done in the teaser was also very good which has elevated the teaser to another level and created Good buzz for the movie.

As the teaser was released just a few hours ago, we need to wait further to know more about the audience response for this teaser.

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