Nara Rohith says no “VAADE VEEDU”

There has been some news that Nara Rohith is doing a film named as “VAADE VEEDU”.Now Nara Rohith has cleared the rumours saying that “Wow, this is really funny. There has been a ridiculous talk going around that I m doing a film titled VAADE VEEDU. To clear this hideous rumour, let me confirm that I have not even heard the story, forget alone committing to do that film. Please put an end to this unproductive grapevine. Gotta gets back to my shoot. Cheers !!”.

So thus, there is no “Vaade Veedu” from Nara Rohith.Currently, Nara Rohith is doing three films i.e Savitri, Tuntari and Raja Cheyiveste.Recently the Tuntari teaser was released which received a good response from the audience.So thus, there is a line up of three films for Nara Rohith.

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