is Nara Rohith’s Savitri release on April 1st right ?

Nara Rohith is coming up with his new movie “Savitri” on April 1st.The movie trailer has attracted the audience and it is having Good expectations from them but the movie was releasing on April 1st means after 1week “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” is arriving in a theater which will give big competition to Savitri movie.If the movie receives bad talk then definitely its Box office performance will be affected.If it receives good talk means then it can recover the amount within a week as the budget of the movie was very small.

Nara Rohith has recently come with “Tuntari” movie just a few days ago,the movie has done a Good business at Box office as it has less competition then but now “Savitri” movie is going to have a tough competition from “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” and hence, we need to wait and see whether the movie can do well at Box office despite competition or not ? in a few more days.

Nara Rohith is busy with multiple films and his latest film “Raja Cheyyi Veste” audio release was held just a few days ago.Finally,we need to wait and see how “Savitri” performs at Box office which is released this week.

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