Nayaki teaser from March 17th

Nayaki movie Starring Trisha has attracted everyone’s attention with its first look posters then and recently a Motion song poster from the movie was released which even received the good response and now the most awaited first look teaser of Nayaki movie is going to be released on March 17h which is still 2days to go.


Being a Horror comedy Thriller, it can do well at Box office as Raju Gari Gaadi has done extremely well at Box office despite a small film and hence if the teaser of Nayaki is able to attract the attention of audience then its surely will be a winner.


We usually see Horror Comedy thriller very often but only few will succeed but if the movie is good still audiences are ready to appreciate the Horror Comedy genre.So let us wait and see how this Nayaki teaser can grab the Attention of the audience in two more days.

Being a Heroine centric film, Trisha can gain good fame with this film if it was successful.So let us wait and see what happens.

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