pawan kalyan and Rajni kanth are my favourite heroes – Anchor Ravi Exclusive Interview

We have brought to you a nice interview with AnchorRavi who is more popular with shows like dheejuniors,somethingspecial,pandagachesko,maavoorivanta and others.The interview is below


what is your qualification in studies?
->i am a Btech graduate from JBIET.
how is your family support for you?
 -> My father was against me getting into the film industry, now he is fine but my mom and sister are my pillars of strength.

How you started your journey into anchoring ?

-> I wanted to become an actor and  in that process i met Nagarjuna garu and he guided me to TV to gain experience as i was new then i started hosting Live shows for Maa Music.

what is your first show and its experience?

->My first show was a Live show called “Love Junction” but i got recognised with the Live show called “Something Special”

what is the best show which gave you more happiness in doing it until now?

->I did about 8 shows till now but my favourite shows would be “Something Special” & “Dhee Juniors”.

what challeneges you will face when doing this job?
 ->The important challenge for me is to bring a smile on the face of people who are watching my shows.
who is your inspiration for entering this field?
->I take inspiration from people who made it big in life without any support.
for example Rajnikanth.
what are your upcoming shows?
 ->Starting “Maa Talkies” soon on Maa TV.
what are your hobbies?
 ->my hobbies are meeting new people and knowing their interests and i spend most of my free time with animals and i love animals.
best co-anchor and why?
->Lasya & Anasuya are my best co-anchors so far because of the chemistry we share on screen.
favourite hero?
->favourite hero is Rajnikanth Sir and i also like Pawan Kalyan.
favourite heroine?
-> Illeana
who is your favourite male and female anchor in current generation?
->female anchor is Suma garu and male anchor is Omkar annaya.
favourite colour?
 -> sky blue.
tell about your new hair style?
->new hairstyle is just for fun as i wanted some change from normal.
share any funny experience with any of your fans?
->i dont like the term “FANS”.i have friends and with them around its fun all the time.
finally what do you say for anyone who is interested to enter this field?
 ->This field for new comers is good, lot of hardwork & patience is needed and important thing here is you should know how to deal with your failures.
how is this interview?
Thats how the interview ended and we thank AnchorRavi for accepting interview and we hope all the readers of this interview are happy to know about AnchorRavi.

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