Prudhvi Raj’s new look in Jakanna

Prudhvi Raj is one of the popular comedians in Telugu films.He has gained Good following with his comedy timing in the films,especially he is very famous for different getups in the films where he received many applause in several recent films as well.

He is now seen in a new get up in Jakanna movie where Sunil is the lead actor which is directed by Vamsi.You can check the photos below.




His looks from this film are really Good.Being a comedian,he maintaining such a nice look in police getup was really a good thing.Surviving in Telugu film Industry as a Comedian was not an easy job as we can see several comedians are there in Telugu Cinema.So,in order to get new opportunities for them,they need to present themselves in a new get up and should entertain the audience which will help in getting good chances in future.Prudhvi Raj is also doing a good job by trying new getups in his films and succeeded in entertaining the audience.

The movie is currently under shooting.Let us hope that he entertain us with his role in this film “Jakanna” as well.

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