Rajamouli wants to know release date of a film

Rajmouli who gained Nationwide Popularity with Baahubali Now wants to know the release date of a film.So which film release date it was and why Rajamouli want to know the release date ?


Actually,it was ManaMantha movie release date which Rajamouli wants to know.He Shared that “Thank you both for bringing an actor I admire so much, Mohanlal garu to Telugu…Release date please…”.

There was also another side of this that is as the film is from Vaarahi Chalana Chitraam who have a close relation with Rajamouli,he might have tweeted this in order to boost some promotion for the film.

Coming to the trailer,the trailer itself has gained the attention of an audience with 4 different stories from Chandra Shekhar Yeleti.Anyway,Manamantha trailer thus received the positive response from the audience.

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