Reason Behind Pawan Kalyan interested in working with new directors

Pawan Kalyan has earned himself a very Good following and he is one of the Top Stars in Telugu film Industry.He revealed several interesting facts about him in recent Interviews.

He revealed that he is more interested in working with new directors rather than working with Top directors and the reason behind that is Pawan Kalyan is basically not a Good actor,he always try to act in his own comfort zone.So,while working with new directors,he can work comfortably and can convince them to do in his own style but when he worked with Top directors,they always expect him to act in the way they like which is not comfortable for him and hence he prefers new directors in his films.

He also revealed that he is basically not interested in acting because he doesn’t have any interest in this field.So,he will be soon entering into Politics and he might leave acting in films once he completely enters into Politics and he will continue to act in films until he enters politics.

He recently disappointed the audience with his film “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” which received a very Bad talk from the audience.So,the audience are expecting a Good hit film from him before he quits acting.Finally,let us wait and see what happens.

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