Salman Khan to produce Ram Charan’s Bollywood film

Ram Charan debuted in Bollywood with film “Zanjeer” which remained as a Flop film at Box office.According to latest updates,it was known that Salman Khan is going to produce Ramcharan’s next Bollywood film.As Salman Khan is the producer,this time, the movie will have immense craze and also it will be a Big promotion as well which will definitely help Ram Charn to prove himself in Bollywood with this film.

The Telugu fans of Ramcharan were disappointed as his first Bollywood debut for a failure but after knowing the news that Salman Khan is going to produce Ram Charan’s next Bollywood film,they are happier this time.Ramcharan has immense following in Telugu states where he is the only hero until now who have six films scored 40 crores at Box office in Telugu.

He is currently doing “Dhruva” movie which is a remake of Tamil film “Thanioruvan”.Surrender reddy is the director of this film.The audience are expected that this film won’t disappoint like his earlier movie “BruceleeTheFighter” which failed to impress the audience.

Finally,let us wait for the more details about Salman Khan – Ram Charan Bollywood Project details which will be revealed soon .

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