Samantha’s 3 films to release in May

Samantha has gained a huge following among Telugu Audience with her debut film “YemayaChesave”.Since then,she slowly became one of the Top Actress in Telugu.She is coming with 3 films in May.

Her film “24” is going to release on May 6th which is one of the most awaited films which is coming up with a different subject,Surya is playing the lead in this film and Vikram Kumar is the director of this film.After that,if everything goes fine “Brahmotsavam” will arrive on May 13th which is also one of the most awaited films,Mahesh Babu is playing the lead role and Srikanth Addala is the director of this film.Finally,on May27th “A.aa” movie is going to release which is also having Good buzz among the audience as Trivikram is the director of this film.

Thus,Samantha is lucky to have her 3 Big film release in May.All the films look promising and will definitely earn her a Good name if those become Hits at Box office.Everyone are eagerly waiting for these film releases as All movies are carrying Good buzz among the audience.Finally,we need to wait and see how these films perform at Box office once after their release.


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