Sampoornesh Babu Power in Kobbari Matta with 3 minutes dialogue

Sampoornesh Babu is currently shooting for “Kobbari Matta” movie.According to the latest news, Sampoornesh Babu has mouthed 3 minutes lengthy dialogue in Kobbari Matta in Single Take which is really a Unique feat achieved by Sampoornesh Babu as it was not easy to say 3 minutes lengthy dialogue in Single Take.

So with this news out, the expectations on “Kobbari Matta” have increased.”Kobbari Matta” team did an excellent effort until now by making the Audience engaged with the Promos from the movie and soon once after the Shooting gets completed, we are going to see more promos coming from “Kobbari Matta” movie.

Sampoornesh Babu has gained the Good following with his Debut film “Hrudaya Kaleyam” and now is coming in front of the audience with “Kobbari Matta”.The movie was directed by Rupak Ronaldson.

Finally, let us wait and see how Sampoornesh Babu has mouthed the 3 minutes lengthy dialogue once after the movie releases.

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