Sardaar Gabbar Singh Hindi teaser released

Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh new teaser was released today morning for Telugu audience which created Sensation and now the Hindi version teaser was released.In Hindi version of a teaser, the shots shown are completely different from Telugu one which released earlier today and it seems like an Additional bonus for Telugu audience to view Extra new Shots in Hindi version.

There is No doubt in saying that this Hindi Version teaser will also go well with the audience and will create records soon.Pawan Kalyan is the first time releasing his movie in Hindi simultaneous with Telugu version on April 8th.As this film can appeal to any Audience, the makers have planned for a Hindi release as well.

With the release of the movie in Hindi, Trade Experts are Busy in Calculating the Box office Estimate of “Sardaar Gabbar Singh ” worldwide.If everything goes well, Sardaar Gabbar Singh can beat the first-day record created by Baahubali also but we need to wait and see What happens in a few more days.

Finally, with the new Hindi teaser “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” has again attracted the attention of the audience.You can check the Hindi teaser below.

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