Sardaar Gabbar Singh has plenty of humour

“Sardaar Gabbar Singh” was releasing this week which is one of the most awaited films in Tollywood.The makers have revealed  the facts about “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” where they have said an interesting fact about the movie which is as follows  “Pawan Kalyan was very particular that Sardaar Gabbar Singh should not have any overdose of violence.As a result,the makers infused plenty of humour in the story”.

It was very good to know that Pawan Kalyan don’t want to see more violence in the film and it really helped in focusing more on the humour in the film.People are preferring comedy more than violence in the films and comedy in the movies have played a major role in the success of many films and hence,this comedy factor will help the “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” to stand out well at the Box office.

The movie is having a superb craze among the audience,everyone are eagerly waiting for the movie’s release in order to see how many records it will create at Box office.The movie was also releasing in Hindi also on the April 8th.Until now,everything is positive for the film and it even completed the censor formalities where it was awarded U/A certificate for it.

Finally,let us wait and see how will be the movie in a few more days.

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