Sardaar Gabbar Singh Theatrical trailer review

“Sardaar Gabbar Singh” Theatrical trailer was released yesterday on the Occasion of audio launch function.Everyone have eagerly waited to see the trailer and finally it was live yesterday on audio release function.Let’s have a review of it.

“Sardaar Gabbar Singh” trailer starts of with showing the characters from the film and then in last, Pawan Kalyan action sequences and Punch Dialogues were Shown.The trailer has some resemblances with Magadheera and it seemed like the Team has elevated more about the story rather than showing commercial elements.Finally, it was Good Trailer but as the expectations are high and everyone want to see the Heroism of Pawan Kalyan in the trailer which is missed in the trailer is a Big Disappointment.The makers have shown full Heroism in the teaser but suddenly shifted to story in the Main trailer is a little disappointment.

Overall, “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” trailer was Good but not Great.Anyway, let us wait for the more surprises in the Theater as the movie is going to release on April 8th.


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