Savitri censor completed

Nara Rohith’s upcoming movie “Savitri” censor was completed and it was awarded “U” certificate.Geeting a “U” certificate is and advantage as the movie is suitable to watch for all the audience.Nanditha is playing the Female lead in the movie.

Nara Rohith has recently come with “Tuntari” movie which performed decently at Box office.He is now again coming with “Savitri” movie on April 1st and soon after “Savitri” movie,the release of “Raja Cheyyi Veste” movie will happen.

“Savitri” movie is said to be a family entertainer and hence, this was an added advantage for the film because the family audience will help in getting Good Box office collections for the movie if it manages to receive the Good talk from day 1 itself.The movie was directed by Pavan Sadineni.

As the movie completed its censor,now it was confirmed that movie release will happen on April 1st as,let us wait and see how this movie can attract the attention of the audience.

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