Savitri movie promotions helping in Good Box office revenue

“Savitri” movie starring Nara Rohith,Nanditha Raj was released last week in Theaters and it received the Good talk from the audience.The movie is doing well at Box office and it collected 1.5 crores in its 4 days of release which is a Good amount for this small budget film.Actually,the movie’s Box office run will be affected by “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” which is releasing on April 8th as this film is receiving more craze among the audience and hence “Savitri” movie team should promote the film well in order to continue good Box office.So,now they are promoting the film which is helping in getting Good collections at box office.

In these days,Promotions are very necessary for the success of the film at Box office because as there are many films release at Box office each week,audience are not in a position to watch all the films which released and they are more interested in watching the films which received Good talk for it and hence promoting a film is compulsory for small films in order to score well at Box office.

As the movie was a family entertainer,it still has good scope to do well at Box office because family entertainer will help in getting more audience to the theaters.Finally,if  “Savitri” movie team promote their film well then it has good chances to score decent amount at Box office as once after the release of Big films like “Sardaar Gabbar Singh”,the Box office run of “Savitri” is limited as Audience show more interest on Big Heroes films than small heroes film.

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