Savitri movie releasing tomorrow

“Savitri” movie Starring Nara Rohith,Nanditha Raj was directed by Pavan Sadineni which is produced by Vision film makers.The movie is coming in front of an audience tomorrow,it has a good buzz among the audience as the promos from the movie has attracted the attention of them.

The movie is of genre family entertainer which is a plus point for the movie in terms of Box office as family entertainers are having Good Box office performance in Telugu Cinema Market.Shravan has composed the music for the film.If the movie receives a positive talk then it has good scope to do at Box office for 1 week and from then onwards it needs to face competition from “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” movie but this 1 week is enough to score a good amount at Box office.

Vision film makers are releasing on their own in overseas also,actually small films won’t have the Good scope at the overseas Box office but as this film is targeted at the family audience,it can do well if it receives positive talk.

Nara Rohith has recently come up with “Tuntari” movie a few days ago which has performed decently at Box office and he is coming up with this “Savitri” movie tomorrow.We need to wait and see how far it can attract the audience.

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