Seesa Movie releasing today

Seesa movie Starring Sivaji was directed by Mohemmed Issack Zackria.The movie was releasing today in Theaters.This movie has entered into Guinness World Records for being World’s Largest “Single shot” movie which is a great achievement by this film even before the release.


The movie is based on Horror Genre and we need to wait and see how far it can attract the attention of the audience in few more hours.Today, there are majorly small films releasing in Telugu and hence there is a Good Scope for the movie to perform well if it receives Good word of mouth from the first show onwards.

Generally, these days small movies can do well at Box office only if they are promoted well and also at same time if the movie was Good then only Audience are showing their interest to watch in Theaters But luckily due to low competition at Box office today,it has a Good scope if it proves to be an Entertaining movie with its Talk.

So let us wait and see how far it can grab the attention of the audience.

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