Sreenu Vaitla – Varun tej film shooting starts from May15th

Varun Tej is working under the direction of Sreenu Vaitla for his upcoming movie which is titled as “Mister”.The movie’s regular shooting will start from May 15th onwards.Hebah Patel and Lavanya Tripathi are the heroines of this film.

Sreenu Vaitla is first time working with Varun Tej with this film.He is struggling to score a Good hit at Box office since his last few releases and hence this film is really very crucial for Sreenu Vaitla to prove his talent.If he fails to succeed now also then it would be difficult for him to get any chances from heroes as already so many people are tired watching his films.

Coming to Varun Tej,he is doing a Good job until now with his films.Instead of doing commercial subjects,he choosing different subjects for each of his films which is helping to gain Good following for him in the Audience.Even though Varun Tej movies receives Good talk,there is no film which received Blockbuster hit until now and hence let us wait and see whether this film becomes a Blockbuster for him or not? once after the movie release.

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