Sunil-Kranthi Madhav movie started

Sunil is doing a new film under the direction of Kranthi Madhav where Miya is playing female lead role in the movie which is produced by Parchuri Kireeti.Sunil is doing back to back films,some of his movies are ready for release and others in the shooting.It was nice to see Sunil doing movies faster than earlier which is a good thing to know.He recently come up with the film “Krishnasthami” but it did not do well at Box office and it remained as an Average film and hence Sunil needs to score a Good hit to come back to his form as he is ready with multiple films,he is sure going to get a Hit with any of those film which is why doing more films will help in getting success with any of them.

On the another side,Kranthi Madhav has proven his talent with wonderful love story film “MalliMalliIdiRaniRoju” which scored a super hit at Box office.That film remained as one of the best love stories ever in Telugu film industry.After the so long gap,he is now again coming up with this film where Sunil is playing the Lead role and hence there are Good expectations on this movie among the audience.


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