Suriya’s 24 single song from March 14th

Suriya is currently doing 24 movie under the direction of Vikram Kumar.The music of the film was composed by A.R.Rahman.

A new single song from 24 movie will release on March 14th which is named as “KaalamNaPreyasi”. The promotions of Suriya 24 are already started from teaser release and now this single song is going to release in two more days.

Suriya 24 teaser receiving a very good response from the audience and so many are eagerly waiting for the films release as unlike other commercial films, this one is unique with its subject.For now, the movie is having good buzz among the audience and it is expected to release for summer but the release date of the film was not yet confirmed but we will know all these details soon.

So let us first wait and see how will be the song which is going to release for March 14th.


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