Tamannaah about Oopiri movie

“Oopiri” movie starring Nagarjuna,Karthi,Tammannaah was released tomorrow worldwide.The movie was directed by Vamshi Paidapally and it was produced by P.V.P Cinema.

Tamannaah says that “Oopiri is not a film for “Class” or “Mass”.It has a Universal appeal.” which means both class and mass audience can connect with the film.Actually,the visuals in the trailer look Class and hence so many have doubts about “whether this movie received well along “Mass” Audience or not ?” but with Tamannaah clarification,now it was clear that movie can perform well in both “Class” and “Mass” centers.

The movie has Good expectations as it is coming after Nagarjuna’s Soggade Chinni Nayana movie which collected 47 crores at Box office.It was also releasing in Tamil tomorrow as “Thozha”.The movie can perform well at Box office if it receives Good talk as there are no big film releases until April 8th which is a plus point for the movie if it manages to receive Good talk from audience Tomorrow.

Finally,let us wait and see how far the movie can succeed in entertaining the audience Tomorrow.

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