These two people are an inspiration to those who want to enter the industry

There are so many people who dream of getting into the industry and at the same time, they feel that there will be only a few chances and that too based on influence.But all those who  feel like that should learn from two directors i.e Sai Rajesh (Hrudayakaleyam) and Phaneendra Narsetti(debut film – Manu ).

Coming to Sai Rajesh, Sai Rajesh is the director of Hrudayakaleyam and he is a great inspiration to anyone i.e he used his intelligence rather than looking for opportunity.He has used the social media platforms nicely and his good promotional strategies which made Hrudayakaleyam famous via Social media and thus remained as Hit film.He is thus the Most Intelligent director in this generation i.e his belief in making Hrudayakaleyam super hit and also a normal person like Sampoornesh Babu as a Hero and finally scoring a hit with his belief makes him stand as great inspiration in this generation.

Coming to Phaneendra Narsetti, he is an independent filmmaker who is famous for BackSpace and Madhuram (short films) which have received good applause from the audience.Now today he is making a Feature film titled as “Manu” and for this, he requested funding of 1crore from people online.He succeeded in getting the full amount from the people i.e so many who believe in him has supported him and he is now ready to do the film.

Finally, these two are just a common persons like so many but they have shown their intelligence and work and they themselves created the opportunities which have helped them to achieve success.

Note: – The main Intention of writing this article is to say that if you can create the opportunity you can succeed yourself.

At the same time, everyone may not be successful even if hard work done i.e luck also one of the factors which we can’t deny.So finally you need to be careful when you enter a field where opportunities are very few ( i.e you should find an alternative first to make your living and should not totally depend only on this ).

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