Trivikram Nithin A..Aa movie release date

Trivikram Nithin A..Aa movie release date was fixed for April 22nd. A new schedule of the movie will start from February 15th onwards.

Trivikram and nithin movie is named as Anasuya Ramalingam vs Anand Vihari ( A.Aa) where Samantha is seen as Female Lead. Trivikram who is the top director and excellent writer has come in front of the audience last year with Sonofsatyamurthy which has performed decently at the box office.


Nithin is doing first time with Trivikram in this movie, so for nithin it was a great opportunity to work with Trivikram who has Immense following for his dialogues i.e Acting in Trivikram film will remain his dialogues in the movie forever in hearts of hardcore fans of trivikram. So, thus Nithin is a lucky guy. Even he need a good hit after his last film courier boy Kalyan disappoints.


So thus, it’s two more months for Trivikram movie to arrive in front of the audience.

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