Tuntari has a decent first day at Box office

Tuntari movie Starring Nara Rohith, Latha Hedge was directed by Kumar Nagendra.The movie came in front of the audience yesterday.It received a good talk from the audience and doing well at Box office.

The first-day box office collections of Tuntari are decent with houseful openings.The first day collections are expected to be around 1.5 to 3 crores which is pretty good opening for Nara Rohit’s film.The movie can do well at Box office this weekend also as comedy is most liked by the people, they will rush to theaters as Tuntari is more focused on comedy.

Nara Rohith has tried a different characterisation for the first time in this film i.e he has done comedy for the first time and it has gone well with the audience.If the promotions are done good for this movie then definitely it will remain as a Box office winner and at same time currently with no other big releases this week, it can enjoy the Box office success until big movie releases.

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