Tuntari – Good Timepass Entertainer

Movie: Tuntari

Starring: Nara Rohith, Latha Hedge

Music director: Sai Karthik

Producer: Ashok Baba

Directed by Kumar Nagendra

About the Movie: Tuntari movie has created good Buzz among the audience since the teaser release of the film and from then with good promotions today movie came in front of the audience.

Movie Story: The movie is all about how a careless guy who doesn’t have any work won the Boxing championship, How he entered boxing and who are responsible for it and finally what happened is the story of the film.

Highlights : –

Nara Rohith performance and comedy timing

Latha hedge decent performance


Music was too good at certain parts


Performance: Nara Rohith has done a good job with his role and he perfectly suited the character well and even his comedy timing was good.Latha hedge did a decent job with her performance.Vennela Kishore and their team have done their job.The villain Kabir Duhan Singh perfectly did his job and suited as a Bad Guy.Camera work was ok.Music and background by sai Karthik is good and especially diamond girl song music was too good.Finally, Kumar Nagendra has done his job well by balancing the film till the end.

Final word: – Tuntari is a Good Time pass entertainer which is more focused on comedy and at the same time balancing all the commercial elements in the movie.So finally Tuntari has a good scope to perform well at Box office and even the morning box office report of the film is decent.

Rating: – 3.25/5

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