Tuntari movie doing well at Box office

Tuntari movie Starring Nara Rohith, Latha Hedge was directed by Kumar Nagendra.The film which released this Friday is running well at Box office and the movie team is happy for the movies performance and even said that in Multiplexes also the movie is receiving good applause.

The movie has showed Nara Rohith in a new avatar where he did a comedy role and this comedy timing of the Nara Rohith was getting good applause.As audience always give more preference to comedy films,t his film is doing well at Box office due to its comedy factor.

The movie promotions are also one of the major plus points for the films success as these days without promotions the films won’t reach the wider audience.

Another lucky factor for the film is that there are no big films currently and hence it can perform well at Box office until the big releases.The movie will be remained as a Box office hit as per the current situation.

Meanwhile,Nara Rohith is busy with so many films and Savitri is his next film which is going to release on March 23rd and he is also doing a Multi Starrer film “Raja Cheyyi Veste ” where Nandamuri Taraka Ratna is seen as Villian.Thus, Nara Rohith is busy with multiple films.


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