Varun tej-Srinuvaitla movie to begin from April last week

Varun tej is working under the direction of Srinuvaitla for his upcoming film.According to the latest news,the shoot of the movie will start from April last week onwards.

Varun tej has gained a Good following with his films until now.He is choosing different subjects for his each of his films until now which earned him a very good name as unlike other stars,he is trying to do unique subjects rather than doing same routine commercial entertainers which is helping him in getting Good following among the audience for his films.His second film “Kanche” was an extraordinary film and highly applauded by the audience and it was even received Best Regional Telugu film award  in 63rd National Awards.He is suppose to work under the direction of Krish for his upcoming movie “Rayabari” but unfortunately due to some techincal issues that project was postponed and now he is working with Srinuvaitla.

Coming to Srinuvaitla,his last film “BruceleeTheFighter” received a Bad talk from the audience and it remained as a flop movie.So,he needs to prove himself with this film by scoring a Good Box office hit.Finally, let us wait and see what happens.


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